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I am about to share with you a 6000 YEAR OLD SECRET that mainstream science is just beginning to catch up on, This secret is about the power of the mind and how the subconscious mind really works.

You see the subconscious mind does something very unique, it loves filling in the blanks of word suggestive sentences and close sounding words. It also decodes archetype shapes.

After the United States congress had access to the data from the Stamford research institute and universities around the country and all over the world, they were terrified at what would happen if everyone around the world started to develop the powers of their minds.
They then did a smear campaign with the media to discredit this discovery.

“The discovery was that the mind uses subliminal suggestions, shapes and sigils to create reality”.

In 1957 professor Hans Eysenck from the University of London wrote a letter, insinuating that there was a gigantic conspiracy, involving over 30 major universities around the world and hundreds of highly respected scientists to silence the truth about what we knew about the powers of our minds and human consciousness.

There are thousands of software programs on the market, they are all ineffective…

Simply because the subconscious mind filters out 400 billion pieces of information per second and by the time it bubbles up to the conscious mind,
only 2 thousand bits remain which the most are serving.

Because they use normal positive sentences that don’t stand out, they are discarded in the subconscious as useless information.

So what makes this new software special?
This software works so brilliantly it uses specially researched letters used in a unique suggestive way, which is picked up by the subconscious
and it registers, it is not edited out or discarded as useless information.

This is why corporate advertisers use short sigil type wording for their logos so the message gets noticed.

Power Mind Subliminal (Subliminal Message Software)

Power Mind Subliminal will help you achieve all your goals

By following the program exactly, I guarantee within weeks your creativity will come alive, observe your awareness levels rising, and ideas come to

Activate your inner creativity
This program is so easy to use, once installed you get to choose the categories you wish to develop by just clicking that switch. The program then
flashes on your screen unique specially developed words and sentences that are picked up by the subconscious mind and are not discarded.

Using it is as simple as 1, 2, 3…
Tick which subliminal messages
you would like conditioned.
Select the flashing speed and
Go about using your computer
just as you normally would.

Can’t find a subliminal program that suits you? Which is impossible as we covered all categories?

But just in case you can’t find what you want… then simply CREATE your OWN subliminal program! It’s easy to do with this software, simplicity.

We will show you the formula to create your own subliminal in the instruction book.

The rise in popularity of subliminal messages seems to of come out of nowhere! All of a sudden people are talking about subliminals.
This has partly been down to celebrity endorsement such as Tony Robbins using them, Stephen Spielberg, even Tiger Woods.
These are people who are highly successful in their fields who have done everything they can to reach the top, and have all at some point “confessed” to using subliminal messages to help them succeed.

Subliminal messages have been used for over 6000 years and are used today to program our Reality.

This software also comes with something very unique called ARCHETYPE SYMBOLS.
These archetype Symbol flashes on your screen and can be switched on and off on your command.

These Archetype Symbols are so unique that the subconscious mind picks up the meaning built into the symbol, which trigger?
Archetype symbols is pure science not mumbo jumbo magic check out the documentary HD 4 and Secret of Secrets that explains the sub atomic
structure of the archetypes and how they affect the mind.

These symbols are not only unique but have been blessed for 7 days by Tibetan and Thai monks with sincerity and pure love.

Blessings are thoughts and these thoughts havenow attached themselves with these
Symbols structure at this sub atomic level. This is part of the 6000 year old secret.

The Software also comes with a fast flashing in built video called
that flashes the whole program using the shortened word structures, Archetypes, colors and pictures all in one for the fastest possible outcome

Also included is a powerful eBook called ADVANCE COURSE and Word meanings that takes you to the next advanced level.


Windows only application…will not run with Mac.


Mac only application…will not run with Windows.

Communicate with infinite intelligence.

Open up a gateway of frequencies..

It also shows you the importance of harnessing sex energies and what a good relationship can do for success

The book shows you how to command the subconscious mind using Sigils. Sigils are programing codes that start the manifesting process.

It will also show you how to harness positive energy from the power of a family structure.

The instructions also show you how to make your own custom made shapes and designed word structures and much much more.

See the Results For Yourself – 100% Guaranteed

Make it Happen In Your Life, Right Now.
Of course you’re welcome to avoid trying PowerMind-Subliminal and keep getting the same kind of results in life. That’s absolutely, OK. Unless you actually want to use the satisfaction guarantee trial to experience for yourself what’s possible, we’re not going to tell you to buy it.

We’re only here to discover if you are one of the people who is ready and wanting to experience this for yourself. If not, by all means stop reading now. If you are curious though, just click the button below to download your copy and you’ll be running it within minutes (it’s a snap to set up, we’ll show you how).

You can pay with your credit card, or Paypal account. Your order will be done in seconds and you’ll receive the download links in your email immediately. From there it’s just a click, a download and you’re ready to run. See for yourself. You’re here for a reason, so what will you do when you find out you can’t fail? Find out.

Mike Freedman}
Researcher and Developer

Also Receive a FREE Meditation Video to help you relax and
unwind called Sacred Geometry Meditation.
The Universal Language of the mind and Infinite intelligence.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: PowerMindSubliminal is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Product uses flashing images. Do not use if you are susceptible to health problems due to flashing images.